This following is a transcription of the video What to look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer below.

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My name is Dale Dahlin. I’m an attorney in Lincoln Nebraska. What do you want to look for in hiring a personal injury lawyer? I think first of all you want to look at experience to make sure that that attorney that you’re considering has experience in your type of case.

Personal Injury case types

There are different personal injury cases,  auto accidents, there’s slip and falls, and dog bites. You want to have known that the attorney has handled that type of case and had experience in that. Also, I think you want to find somebody that you can relate to. That you can understand, that will explain things so that you understand them and that answers your questions. You can; in that initial consultation with the attorney,  you can know if you can relate to that person and if he answers your questions.

Is that attorney the right Personal Injury Lawyer for you?

If the attorney doesn’t answer the questions in the way that you understand in that first consultation, you’re probably going to have a hard time relating to that attorney later on. So I think you want to look at that. Then also you want to look at what possible outcomes you’re going to have in your case.

There are three main aspects of a personal injury case. There’s liability or how clear is the fault of the other party. There are damages: what type of injuries or compensation you’re going to be entitled to receive. And there’s coverage.  Is there insurance coverage for that other person that’s at fault or do they have sufficient assets?

Cases vary significantly from one to another as far as how long they take, whether they can be settled quickly or if they need to go to trial. If they go to trial, that takes a considerable amount of time, and then they can be appealed to the appellate courts which takes more time.

So, it’s going to vary a lot. You want to talk to an attorney that has experience in your case that can give you an outline of what to expect.

I have over 38 years of experience in personal injury law. If you’d like to discuss your case I offer free consultations. Please call me at (402) 423-4300.

Dale Dahlin is also licensed to practice law in California.