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Hello. I’m Dale Dahlin. I’m an attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska and I have over 35 years of experience in practicing law.

I want to talk to you today about alimony in Nebraska. There’s no set formula for alimony in Nebraska. There are several factors that are to be considered in whether or not to award alimony and if so how much and for what duration. The factors are these circumstances of the parties, the duration of the marriage, the history of contributions to the marriage; which can include the care of children, the interruption of careers in educational opportunities, and the ability to get gainful employment.

Factors that determine the amount of Alimony

  • duration of the marriage
  • circumstances
  • history of contributions

Generally, alimony ends on the death of either party or the remarriage of the recipient. This can be modified by stating that in the award if that is not to terminate on those events. Alimony can be modified or revoked at a later time, except if there was no alimony provided for in the original decree alimony cannot be awarded at a later time.

If the entire amount of alimony has accrued before the filing of a complaint for modification,  it can’t be modified. And also any amounts of alimony that have accrued before the filing of a complaint for modification cannot be modified.

I have over 35 years of experience in practicing law. If you have any questions or need any help regarding divorce or alimony, please call me at 402-423-4300.

Dale Dahlin is also licensed to practice law in California.