Now that marriage for Gay Couples is legal in Nebraska, there is bound to be divorce for Gay couples in Nebraska. It’s expected that the procedure for these divorces will be the same as for any divorce in Nebraska. There is one thing that a Gay Couple or any couple looking to start proceedings should know. In order to be able to file for a divorce in Nebraska at least one of the parties has to have been a resident of the State of Nebraska for at least one year before filing. Or, the marriage had to have taken place in Nebraska, and the parties lived in Nebraska up until the time following the complaint. If it’s been less than one year since the marriage took place, and the marriage took place in Nebraska, the divorce proceeds as normal.

A Gay Divorce proceeds like any other divorce in Nebraska

As in any divorce, there will be assets, such as investments, retirement accounts, houses, real estate, and vehicles involved. The ownership of these assets will need to be determined, split and awarded to the parties.

As in any divorce, there will be debts that will be allocated. There may be children whose custody and parenting time is decided. All of that will proceed, it is expected, like any other divorce.

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