Surveillance cameras are becoming more prevalent. The cost of surveillance equipment has become less expensive and more accessible, so more businesses and homes have them. Cities, banks, stores, bowling alleys, and all kinds of businesses often have them.

At Dale D. Dahlin P.C., L.L.O., we track down cameras that can assist in proving fault in cases for our clients.

A recent case is an example of the benefit of locating surveillance footage. This case involved a motor vehicle accident. There was a witness who indicated that our client was at fault. We obtained a video of the collision from a business near the scene, and the video proved the unlikely facts of the case and proved these facts had been misinterpreted by the witness.

The accident happened while our client was beginning to pull forward in the outside right lane after being stopped at a red light. The other car struck our client on the right side, after driving partially onto the sidewalk and narrowly avoiding a light pole.

This surveillance video we located revealed these unlikely facts. This allowed us to prove the other driver was at fault and obtain compensation for our client.


Dale Dahlin is also licensed to practice law in California.